So it Begins

The Republican convention is underway in Cleveland, which apparently resembles some dystonian nightmare. The convention itself has gotten off to a fairly chaotic start, and I think at this point we can assume that the #nevertrump movement is totally dead. They’ve shot their wad, and it’s time to go home.


Make your own joke.

I won’t be blogging about the convention too much, not unless something really interesting happens. I might blog about Trump’s acceptance speech, but he’s started move his speeches into Castro territory, so maybe I won’t.

Either way, I’m much more looking forward to the Democratic convention.


One Response to “So it Begins”

  1. Jnana Hodson Says:

    “Dystopian nightmare” captures the sense well. Too bad the GOP delegates don’t have that many five-syllable words in their vocabularies. “Republican” comes to only four, and that’s stretching it.

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