Citizen Kaine

Yeah, it’s the obvious headline, but there you are.


This is a rather predictable and boring pick. Yes, it sews up Virginia for Hillary, and probably helps prop up Pennsylvania, but…man, how dull. We have a race with three white guys and a white woman. She could have had Julian Castro, which would have given us someone under 50 and not white, but she didn’t.

Kaine is a safe choice, I suppose. There’s nothing wrong with him, really. But…I could just wish for better.

On a side note, I find it very interesting that both campaigns have chosen boring, safe candidates as their VP pick.


2 Responses to “Citizen Kaine”

  1. Invisible Mikey Says:

    Julian Castro, for all his attractive, young Hispanicness, doesn’t speak Spanish! Kaine became fluent doing missionary work in Honduras, and his activist lawyer/judge wife is a true progressive. She’s the reason they live and work in Virginia, where her father had been governor from 1970-1974.

    • Chris Says:

      There is that, and I hadn’t really considered it. So even though this doesn’t sew up the state, it probably does help put the Hispanic vote into play even more than Trump already has. So maybe he’s a better choice than I thought!

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