Movie Reviews – Absolutely Fabulous and Star Trek Beyond

Today I went to see two movies. They were very good, both of them, and I was very happy to see them. Let’s start with the first!

I loved Absolutely Fabulous back in the day when it first began to air. Of course I did; I’m not straight so I had to love it.

It’s hard to say why it appeals to me so much. I’m not actually gay, and find most of the gay lifestyle to be a little silly and twee. But Patsy and Eddie are just fantastic. I love everything about them.

And thankfully, what I love about them returns in this movie.

In the film, our ageing stars find themselves on in the run in the south of France after Eddie inadvertently knocks Kate Moss into the Thames. The usual levels of hilarity ensue, with Saffie, Saffie’s daughter, Lola, and Eddie’s mom winding up in the south of France as well.

There are plenty of wonderful celebrity cameos, and appearances by pretty much every character who has ever been on the series. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll likely love this movie, and if you haven’t ever seen it before…hard to say. I liked it quite a bit, though.

As for the other movie…I liked the first Abrams Trek movie back a few years ago. It wasn’t great, but it was decent. Into Darkness was, however, deeply disappointing, so I went into this one with great trepidation.

Again, I was very pleased. It was surprisingly good; I liked it more than the other two movies, and liked it more than Ab Fab.

The set up is pretty basic. Kirk and company are on the far reaches of the Federation, visiting a truly impressive starbase called Yorktown. Seriously, the visuals on this are astoundingly good. I was quite pleased with the ambition on the screen, especially as I’ve been very disappointed in that sort of thing in many other sci-fi franchises.

Pretty soon the Enterprise is destroyed, the crew are separated on an alien planet, and a struggle for survival is on.

There’s almost nothing wrong with this movie, which is a pleasant surprise. All the characters have something to do, especially McCoy, which is fantastic given how neglected he’s been in the other movies.

The story flows nicely, and works in some wonderful tributes to the original Trek, a tribute to Nimoy and Yelchin, and, surprisingly, a lengthy tribute to, of all things, Enterprise. That last part really kind of pleased me, which means it’s been long enough for me to escape the pain of that series.

So, really, two excellent films, and I was pleased to watch them, and will happily recommend.


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    Nice post, have you written on any movie sites before?

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