What Would You Do?

The Republicans are experiencing much unhappiness at their nominee. He’s a childish, petulant, ignorant buffoon, who will hopefully get shellacked come November.

An article on Slate asks what might happen if Democrats nominated someone similar. The author uses Sean Penn as an example. From everything they cite about him, the only thing that would really worry me is Penn’s lack of political experience (which one could argue is still better than that of Trump, but that’s a side issue).

I don’t think this author offers a very good example, or at least not one that goes far enough. So I’m going to create my own fake candidate and then ask if you’d vote for this person, or if you’d do something else.

Lets say that there’s a rich American man of Asian ancestry named James Ng. He’s made quite a fortune, though to be fair, he inherited most of that fortune from his parents. He’s had a series of failed businesses and has mostly just made himself into one of those “famous for being famous” type of people.

He decides that he’s going to run for president and do so as a Democrat. In the past, he’s donated money to both parties, and campaigned for neither, but now Ng decides he’s going to do this.

As Ng hits the campaign trail, he starts making various remarks about his plans should he win. He plans to resolve economic inequality by raising the taxes on the richest Americans to a level of about 90% (roughly what it was under Eisenhower, but we’ll ignore that for now). Then he plans to distribute that money directly to the bottom 30% of the population.

Once he’s done with that, he plans to nationalize all oil, coal, natural gas, mining, and timber concerns. “The resources of this land belong to the people, and the people should profit from them!” he says. Ng then goes on to suggest that certain other industries, like banking, and the auto industry, might also be nationalized.

While doing all of this, Ng also sends out Tweets in praise of Marx, and suggesting that maybe Lenin and Stalin weren’t all that bad. He also vocally offers support to the lgeacies of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. Then in the context of reforming the banking industry, he begins to make remarks about how most of the banks are run by people who are Jewish. “I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy,” he adds. “But I think you have to look very closely at what might be going on.”

He makes it through the debates, taunting and bullying as he goes, decrying the conservative media and the Democratic machine. He wins in Iowa, and comes in a narrow second in New Hampshire, and people start to worry.

Ng then begins a series of campaign stops, talking about how the richest Americans should be locked up pending investigations into how they earned their money and whether it was earned in a moral way. Not in a legal way, mind you, but a moral one. He begins referring to the various large corporations out there was “terrorist organizations”, and vows to nationalize even more than he’d already suggested. When certain people criticize this, Ng makes remarks suggesting that they might be secretly Jewish.

Then he wins the nomination, and starts to really go off the rails? Disarm the cops? Oh, that’s just for starters. He wants to take minority-run groups and let them act as the police with only limited oversight. Reparations for slavery? Yes, in the form of a special tax levied against corporations.

Ng then calls for a dismantling of America’s military, with every base shut down, the Navy decommissioned, and all troops dismissed without benefits. When a disabled veteran, who stands to lose her benefits, speaks up about this, he insults her on Twitter, and tells her to get a real job and stop being proud of being “a baby killer”.

Then let’s really pile on and say he’s an anti-vaxer who believes in homeopathy and who will close all synagogues.

So…let’s say that by contrast, the Republican who is running is, oh, John Kasich. Now tell me, dear reader, for whom do you vote?

Do you vote Kasich? I sure as hell would. I wouldn’t go anywhere near Ng. The guy’s a lunatic. I’d much rather lose the White House and both houses of Congress than let someone like this get into office.

And please note: I wouldn’t vote Libertarian (ever), or Green (ever). I’d vote for the Republican, because he’d be the one who would be most likely to win. I’d vote Kasich for president, and Democrat for everything else, because ultimately for me, party takes second place to country. Electing someone like Ng, or Trump, puts our country in severe danger.

Now if the election were Ng vs Trump…where’s that passport application I’ve been working on?


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