Adventures in Cooking – Yogurt

I have done what people first learned how to do only several thousand years ago. I…have made yogurt!



How, you might ask, does one make yogurt? Must one be Turkish? Or be a hippie? Or some weird hipster trying to live “off the grid”?

No, one only needs a rice cooker, milk, yogurt culture, heat, and time.

The total prep was about five minutes. It then spent about 12 hours total cooking, cooling, and then cooking some more. It was kind of fascinating to watch.

And now…I have yogurt. How does it taste?

Well, it’s plain yogurt, so…yeah. It takes like that. I added some blackberry jam and some blackberries to it, along with a couple spoons of sugar, and that helped. But it was a little more watery than I would have liked. Next time, I’ll cook it for longer, which I am told will help.

Still, as a first go, not bad! Not bad at all.

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