A Great Resource

So this website is new, or at least, new to me. It’s called Septoid, and it’s got a great mix of podcasts and readable items discussing various skeptical issues. From there, I learned that we’re pretty sure what was going on with the lead masks in Brazil, what the Bloop was, and how, when it comes to rains of fish and frogs, you shouldn’t take the obvious conclusion for granted. I even, finally, learned exactly why the conspiracy story about Hearst trying to outlaw marijuana doesn’t make sense. That one had never sat right with me. Even better, I learned that the best explanation for the Wow! signal remains the one that’s the most exciting!

Best of all, the guy who runs the site ‘fesses up when he makes mistakes and admits when he gets things wrong. That’s a major plus.

So go there and have a look. It’s pretty great!


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