Second Amendment Remedies

As you probably heard, Donald Trump shot his mouth off again. This time he made what he claims was a joke about shooting Hillary Clinton. Fun!


Not even gonna bother with a clever caption.

First off, this is his usual pattern. He mocks the handicapped, suggests Russia should interfere with our electoral process, kicks a crying baby out of his rally, etc, etc, and then with all of them says, “Hey, I’m only joking!” I’ve seen people who do this. I’ve done this. It’s a shitty tactic and transparent as hell.

But second, as an article in Slate points out, suggesting that people should murder public officials that they disagree with is very much in keeping with the “it’s to fight tyranny!” interpretation of the Second Amendment.

I mean, it makes sense. If you honestly believe that Hillary is a would-be tyrant, and you further believe that the Second Amendment exists to prevent such tyrants (which it doesn’t, as the Slate article explains), then why aren’t you polishing your gun right now?

The idea that the American government would give citizens the power to destroy that government is laughable, as is the fantasy that so many people have of becoming one of the Wolverines and fighting back against our evil nation!

Of course rational people know that fight’s lifespan would be measured in the amount of minutes it takes to target a drone strike, but these aren’t rational people we’re dealing with, and that’s what makes comments like Trump’s so horrible. Even if he meant it as a joke, other people might not take it that way, and the next thing you know, there’s blood on the walls.

I really can’t wait until the election is done and this piece of human garbage stops being relevant to our national scene.


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