A Fantastic Discovery

Details have emerged about the new TV-ish series, Star Trek: Discovery. Yes, a potentially fine show with the sad abbreviation of STD.

Still, I’m fairly bullish here. Bryan Fuller announced that the main character will be a: a woman, and b: not the captain. That last is particularly interesting. There will also be a gay character, which is good.

We also know now that the new series will be set about ten years before TOS, and set in the “real” Trek universe.

I find the time period to be very interesting. Ten years before TOS. This kind of looks them down to a certain aesthetic and technical level, but I still think it could be very interesting. I’m also hopeful, as is pretty much every fan, I think, that we might get to see at least a glimpse of the Enterprise under the command of Robert April.

Either way, I remain unconvinced about the show’s potential to get a large audience. CBS’ plan to air one episode on TV and stream the rest on their $6/month video service is stupid, and almost certainly won’t work. I haven’t any real plans to pay for it regularly. I’ll do one month after the series has been released, binge watch it, and then cancel. Why pay for more than that?

But, hey, who knows? Maybe I’m wrong and it’ll be the best thing ever and help CBS to really be something online. But it probably won’t.


One Response to “A Fantastic Discovery

  1. NimiMikkusu Says:

    What if it’s about discoverers as in explorer, or mainly citizens\civilians with the crewmembers being only side characters.

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