Video Game Review – No Man’s Sky

18 quintillion worlds, multiple different animals, spaceships, aliens, and exploration! What’s not to like?

I’ve spent the last day playing my way through the PC version of this fascinating game. It’s amazing, impressive, and borderline tedious, but in a compelling kind of way.

I’ve spent the game on a planet so far. That’s where everyone starts; your own private world. Well, private aside from the aliens, various spaceships, and drones everywhere, which rather defeats the whole, “where no man has gone before” vibe.

You begin with a a spaceship in need of repair. You also need to repair your equipment. That took me only a few minutes. I’ve spent the rest of the time on the planet gallivanting about, scanning lifeforms (don’t forget to scan the tress!), visiting some alien trade posts, and screaming about how low my inventory levels are allowed to be.

This game really channels the old Starflight, and in a good way. Though I’ve barely dipped a toe in, it’s leaving me feeling quite giddy and excited. I’m enjoying the planet exploration so much, I’m almost not interested in getting up into orbit. Almost.


Badger can into space!

Now can I recommend this game? Well, all the launch day weirdness is past, and I’ve enjoyed it so far, so…yes. Modulate your expectations a bit, since it it’s quite as grand as the makers would have you believe. Nevertheless, it’s quite fun, and I do recommend it to all.

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