There’s a woman out there that I hadn’t heard of until today. Her name is Kim Rhode, and she’s an Olympic shooter. She’s done extremely well in the Olympics, beginning in 1996, and going on to the current Olympics, where she’s won a bronze medal.



This really is an impressive achievement, which makes it all the more surprising that the media isn’t covering her at all!



Shocking! I mean, if it were true. Which isn’t. Because NBC, NPRThe Daily MailUSA Today,  Fox Sports, among others, have, in fact, covered her wins. Other outlets have chosen to cover her from the perspective of gun control laws, her opinions of them, and mass shootings.

So she is being covered. She is not being “ignored”. This meme is inaccurate and a lie that’s written for purely political purposes because #weretherealvictims. Yes, the people represented by what is probably the most powerful political lobby in all of American history are the ones who are really under threat.

Fuck that.

To be fair, sponsors do seem to be keeping their distance, but I doubt that’s because of anything she’s said about the Second Amendment. I’m pretty sure it’s much more because guns are controversial, and sponsors prefer to avoid that.

Now, what are some more rational, likely reasons why she hasn’t received the media coverage that, say, Michael Phelps has?

Basically, it’s the sport itself. It’s not as TV-friendly as some other Olympic sports. I can guarantee you that there also wouldn’t be that much coverage if someone got medals in six consecutive Olympic games in badminton, yachting, equestrian events, or judo. It’s just not a sport that most people pay attention to.

It is true that people didn’t pay too much attention to swimming until Michael Phelps came along (though Mark Spitz would disagree), but there was some attention paid. Also, not to take anything away from Rhode, but getting medals in six consecutive games isn’t on the same level as getting 28 medals across four games. It’s impressive as hell, but pales in comparison.

Also, this displays a serious problem with the way the right wing addresses various issues. Rhode’s achievement was indeed covered in the mainstream media. A few seconds of Google proved that. It wasn’t shouted from the rooftops, but it was indeed covered.

When you (the generic you, not you specifically), share things like this without checking to see if they’re accurate, it makes you look like a fool. This meme is simply wrong, and exists, as I said, to further a political agenda and paint the picture of the right wing being victimized by the media. It’s dishonest at best, and an outright lie.

Finally,  I find it rather insulting to take the very real achievement of Rhode and twist it for political purposes. Shame on the people who do this sort of thing.


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