Sic Transit The Nightly Show

In a bit of sad news today, Comedy Central announced the cancellation of The Nightly Show, the 11:30 show that took the place of The Colbert Report.

This is a pity for several reasons.First off, it was good. It was a bit choppy in the early days, but found its legs quickly, and become quite excellent. It wasn’t always easy viewing, especially when racial topics were being discussed, but it was a good show.

Second, that racial element. With Larry Wilmore gone, this means that the only non-white voice in late night is Trevor Noah over at The Daily Show. Not to disparage him, but he’s just not quite the same as Larry Wilmore.

This is disappointing, as we need more diverse voices.

But, oh, well. Hopefully someone at HBO just raised an eyebrow and realize that now they have something excellent to pair with John Oliver’s show.

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