In It to Win It?

There’s been a lot of speculation lately that Donald Trump, who, let me remind you, is the Republican party nominee for president, might actually drop out of the race.


Such small hands illustrating a very small point.

This speculation comes from various sources, and is fueled by recent news that the Trump campaign has spent $0.00 on TV ads. Yes, your local used car dealership has spent more on TV ads to sell you a car than Donald Trump has spent on ads trying to convince you to make him president. Frankly, I think I’d prefer a used car salesman as president. He’d be more likely to be honest.

Now do I think Trump is actually planning to pack it in? Well…here’s what I think has happened with him.

I think he’s in way over his head, and some small (snicker!) part of him knows this. I think he wants to go back to being famous and loved, or at least tolerated, by many. I think he misses this. I think he has a subconscious desire to not be president, because failing at being the most powerful man in the world would be devastating to him. Trump’s ego couldn’t handle him going down in history like W has.

So I believe that subconscious desire is part of why he’s been performing so badly lately and ramping up the crazy to a whole new level. It’s also clear that he’s doing his best to have excuses ready when/if he loses.

But making ones excuses in case one loses is not the same as dropping out. So is Trump going to do that?

I doubt it, but if it happens, it’ll happen after the first debate, but before the second. He’s going to get his clock absolutely cleaned by Hillary Clinton. His ego will be severely damaged, and I think he’d have a tough time subjecting himself to it again.

No. He’ll reason that it’s better to drop out, blame the media, blame the crooked politicians, and blame the rigged electoral system. That way, he can leave the race, and none of it will be his fault.

That does lead to the interesting question of what happens next if he does bow out. We’ve never had the nominee of a major party actually drop out (or die, for that matter), after being nominated. I suspect the GOP would cast about as quickly as they could for someone at the tail end of their career and convince them to take one for the team.

No matter what happens, let’s all take this whole fiasco as a lesson, and not allow someone like this to get so close to power ever again.


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