Finding the Path

Back in the 1980s, I, like virtually every geeky, nerdy kid out there, discovered Dungeons and Dragons. I returned to it off and on over the years, but lost interest in papers and pencils gaming some time ago.

Then…Pathfinder came along.


Are there stats for the Headpiece of Frinn?

While this game lacks a harlot encounter chart, it is, nevertheless, quite a good, solid system. I came to it a few years ago, playing in a Viking-themed campaign that a friend of mine ran. Then a couple years ago, I started up a short-lived Indian-themed campaign. Now I’m running a came set in a fantasy version of The Thirty Years War, because that’s a cheerful time in history.

If you’re  a gamer who likes the old school-style of gaming, but with a few modern bibs and bobs added on, I do highly recommend this game. It’s very good, very fun, and a great way to spend time with friends!


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