A Positive Step

The Justice Department has announced that they are putting an end to their practice of using private companies to operate some of their prisons.


Private prisons are an abomination. The idea that such a place of human misery should be run as a for profit venture is mind boggling. They’re dangerous, they’re wasteful, and they’re simply immoral.

I want the state to pay to have to run our prisons, and I want them to have to pay a fair amount do so. Maybe then, we’ll stop building so many, and maybe then, we’ll stop throwing so many people into them.

2 Responses to “A Positive Step”

  1. Ectropy Says:

    Agreed. Mother Jones sent an undercover reporter to a private prison in Louisiana. Here’s a link to the article:

    • Chris Says:

      Yes, I read that article, and had meant to write an article of my own about it. It’s very good, and well worth reading, even if it is a bit long for some people.

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