Both of Me Found This Fascinating

One fun thing about restarting the blog is going back and writing about things I would have written about when they were new, if I was writing about things when those things were new.

One of these is this.

This really fascinates me to no end. I do find myself wondering what would happen if you were to create a new body for someone and put half their brain in that one while the other half remained in the other. Would they be the same person still? Or two different people? The philosophical implications are interesting, I think.

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One Response to “Both of Me Found This Fascinating”

  1. NimiMikkusu Says:

    One part would be completely burocrating and serious and the other would be completely silly and artsy, I guess. Since I think and do stuff with the “silly\artsy” side of the brain for like the 99% of the time, I guess my fully serious side would be completely weak, while my fully silly side will be a strong as a normal person is.

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