John McCain – Profiles in Spinelessness

John McCain is someone for whom I used to have quite a bit of respect. Then came the 2008 presidential election, and that went out the window.


The man who inflicted Sarah Palin on us.

McCain is currently displaying a case of spinelessness when it comes to Donald Trump. He’s doing all the, “Oh, he’s said terrible things, but I still support him,” nonsense. This after Trump advocated torture, war crimes, and other assorted nastiness.

And why? McCain is running in a reasonably tough primary. That’s it. He’s supporting Trump because he’s afraid that if he doesn’t, he’ll be voted out of office.

So having already sullied his legacy by everything he did in the 2008 election, and everything he’s done since, he’s now continuing to wreck it by supporting Donald Trump.

You know, I don’t expect McCain to come out in support of Hillary, though I think he should. I think everyone who stands against Trump, and is a Republican, ought to say to vote Hillary for president and vote Republican for everything else. But McCain doesn’t even have to do that. All he has to do is disavow Trump completely, and if he does so before the primary election, I’ll get some respect back for him.

Some. Not much.

You know who I have developed a grudging respect for? My other senator, Jeff Flake. Not someone that I like or agree with, but he’s at least standing up to Trump. For that, I can have some respect.

For the spineless wimp that McCain has become? No.


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