Toy Review – Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave – Platinum “Year of the Goat” Edition

What to do, I wondered. What to do? I really wanted Masterpiece Soundwave. Would it be better to grit my teeth and pay hundreds of dollars for it with the cassettes? Or perhaps pay slightly less for a version with only one cassette and then add the others? Or just give up, because WOW, was it ever expensive!

But there was a different path that awaited me. A goat trail to success!


This is the American version of the Masterpiece Soundwave toy. He comes with all the cassettes, except Ratbat, and all the Soundwave accessories. It’s quite an excellent piece, if you can get past the fact that instead of shades of blue and black, we have a character who is alternately transparent and dark orange.

Now I was able to rationalize away that coloration problem. To me the toy itself is so amazing, and this was the only way I was going to own it (seriously, you can buy three or four of these for the price of one standard Masterpiece Soundwave), so the colors don’t matter too much to me. But they might to you.

Colors aside, the toy is great in both robot and alt-mode. It transforms quite smoothly, though in a way very different from the G1 toy from back in the day. You can fit three cassettes in him at once, just like with the other version of this toy (though don’t put Rumble or Frenzy in there), and all the accessories look great, and blend well with the toy.

As far as the aforementioned cassettes…well, they all look great, and transform wonderfully, with the birds and Ravage having built-in weapons rather than ones you have to attach. Rumble and Frenzy have the attachable ones, but those work well for them. I do have one complaint, however, and that complaint is why there’s less than five stars here.

You see, the toy comes with Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw. In every other toy, Buzzsaw is yellow or gold, and Laserbeak is red. This toy, however, gives two different bird tapes. One is yellow, and one is gold. So which is which? That’s a bit of a disappointment.

Still, other than that, this is a great toy, and I highly recommend buying it if you want an MP Soundwave and don’t mind the colors.


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