Conspiracy Theories and You! – Trump Plant Theory

Donald Trump isn’t actually running for president, you know. No, he’s actually just running as this insane, over-the-top version of himself in order to make the Republican party look bad, and thus win votes for his friend, Hillary Clinton!



This is one of the stupider conspiracy theories that I’ve come across lately. It falls apart under even the most basic scrutiny.

The essence here is that Bill Clinton (never Hillary, but always Bill), talked Trump into running, and running as an extremist, right-wing, racist, fascist candidate. He did this knowing that Trump would be wildly popular with the Republican base, who would usher him into the nomination, and then Trump would start taking the election heavily, thus putting Hillary into office.

Except…first off, why would Trump do this? What possible motivation would he have? This is a man who is all about his ego. This has been very damaging to his brand, and I strongly doubt he would have done this with that damage being his intention.


This theory also ignores Trump’s previous run for president. Yes, back in 2000, he ran for president as a member of the Reform party. Remember those idiots? Trump tried, and failed, to get their nomination. He’s also written about politics many times, and has pondered a run for president before.

But most importantly, no sane political operative, and whatever else you might think about Bill Clinton, he’s quite sane, would have suggested that Trump run on the very extreme platform he has. In every other election cycle, the wisdom goes, someone running on a platform like that would have been eliminated by the time the Iowa caucuses rolled around. Obviously that didn’t happen, and we can analyze all we want with the benefit of hindsight, but a year or two ago, not too many people would have suggested this campaign as a road to success. We all would have assumed he would have flamed-out like Ben Carson.

Finally, consider the risk if this conspiracy was somehow exposed. Trump is a dangerously unstable man. He’d be quite likely to turn against whomever it was that set him up like this, and that isn’t even going into anyone else who might know about it and blab.

As a conspiracy theory, this just doesn’t work. The odds of success are extremely low, and the potential for failure if caught is very high. There’s no real upside for anyone involved.

I do understand why so many on the right want to believe this theory might be true. If it’s true, it means that their party isn’t some horrible, broken mess, who just picked Donald Trump as their nominee for president of the United States. Instead it means that someone else, the Clintons, specifically, are at fault.

And if that’s the case, then it means nothing in their party needs to change, nothing at all. And that’s the saddest part of all of this.


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