A Lovely Fantasy

Lest we need another reason to vote for Hillary this fall (you know, in addition to her being really quite an excellent candidate who will make a wonderful president), let’s all allow ourselves to be reminded of the SCOTUS situation.


I went there once. Nice building.

Scalia is dead, to begin with. Since the Republicans have decided that no president should be allowed to nominate anyone during the last 11 months of their second term (a plan which will never come back to bite them in the ass at all), this means that Hillary or Trump will get to nominate Scalia’s replacement.

Then we have the fact that Ginsburg is getting up there in years. It’d be nice to replace her with another liberal. Kennedy is getting up there in years, too, and it’d be oh-so-nice to lose Thomas. In my dreams, we might even ditch a couple other conservatives in the next eight years.

So if you needed another reason to vote for Hillary, let me remind you that integrated schools, interracial marriage, gay marriage, the right to privacy, and abortion rights, all came about because of the Supreme Court.

Remember that, Stein supporters, and let’s all think about what we might be able to have in the not-too-distant future.


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