A Good Court Thing

A court in France has struck down laws banning women from wearing so-called “burkinis”.


These things make me roll my eyes hard. The outfits in question are silly, and I think that wearing any clothes at all at the beach is a bit odd, but if it’s what a woman wants to wear, let her do it. If a guy wants to wear this, let him. Hell, go really extreme and allow people to wear black socks with sandals (hello, every British tourist).

And, yes, as the previous paragraph implies, I don’t care if people want to be naked at the beach. Why shouldn’t they be? Simply nudity is no big deal. If someone is masturbating while at naked at the beach, or harassing people, that’s different. But in that case, punish the behavior, not the lack of clothing.

I believe strongly in freedom. So if a woman wants to wear this, more power to her, and it’s good that the courts of France will, in theory, allow her to do so.


One Response to “A Good Court Thing”

  1. NimiMikkusu Says:

    Burkinis are basically swimsuit for muslim people, right? There are always been swimsuits like those. Like the ones to go underwater etc.

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