A Story So Boring…

…I didn’t really want to write about it. But I suppose I should.

I really dislike “The Star-Spangled Banner”. It’s a terrible song, and its violent, militant imagery is not what we should be using to represent our country. Not when we have the perfectly excellent “America the Beautiful” waiting in the wings.

I never stand up for the anthem when its played at sporting events. Never. Why should I? I don’t quite understand why it’s played at those events to begin with, and don’t feel any desire to stand for the song. As I’ve said before, I show my patriotism by voting, being willing to serve on a jury, and happily paying taxes.

Of course, I’m just one nobody. But when an NFL player refuses to stand, well! Outrage!

This is such a stupid story. Who cares if he stands or doesn’t?  But of course, he’s offended all three elements of America’s Holy Trinity, namely patriotism, football, and the military. Guns are a close fourth in there, but a Holy Quartet sounds more like a musical act that a religious concept.

All of this ignores the gross concept that he should somehow feel compelled to stand up for the damn song to begin with. If freedom allows for anything, it allows you to ignore those symbols of freedom.

Man, I look forward to August being done so we can get back to real news.


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