Something I Really Want to Be True

However I remain suspicious.

Over at my other blog, I’ve been working my way though Doctor Who, and just recently entered the Second Doctor’s era. His first story did not impress me, and part of why was because of the reconstruction format.

But now comes word that we just might get an animated version of this story released on DVD.

I really am quite suspicious here.

First off, all six episodes are missing. Not one, not two, but six. That makes this very expensive to animate. Better to work on things like “The Crusade”, which is only missing two episodes, or even something like “The Highlanders”, which is missing all of them, but that’s only four.

Second, from what I understand the Mirror is…how to put this…shite. I gather it’s basically the British equivalent of a supermarket tabloid and about as reliable. So while it’s possible that this is going happen, I don’t trust them as a source.

Still…the Second Doctor’s first story! If they announce it, I’ll buy it, and quite happily so!


One Response to “Something I Really Want to Be True”

  1. NimiMikkusu Says:

    I think that they will animate and reconstruct all of the missing episodes\serials.

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