Toy Review – Masterpiece Shockwave

I always kind of liked Shockwave. He was an interesting character in both the old G1 TV series and in the IDW comics. Plus, frankly, the Masterpiece line has been somewhat lacking in Decepticons. One can have only so many Seekers, after all.

So I jumped at the chance to get Masterpiece Shockwave! I’d never had the toy as a kid, and this seemed like a great chance. Now that I have it, what do I think?

It’s great! Just great! It looks good, it has a nice heft to it, has some great poseability, and a surprisingly complex transformation. I like that the gun “barrel” part is no longer detachable, but rather forms a part of his body. I also really like that instead of a rubber hose connecting his gun arm to his body, we have a spring with some string in it. I suspect this will hold up well.

Additionally one gets multiple different hands, so if you want Shockwave to be throwing a salute, for example, he can. He also gets a gun to carry which…er…is basically him in gun form. A bit odd, but he did that in the TV show, so there you are.

Now the price here is a bit steep, but I feel it’s worth it for what you get, which is something very great. I highly recommend this toy to anyone who likes G1, Shockwave, or just Decepticons in general.


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