We Don’t Actually Need It

I was at a thing today where someone was talking about high school sports, and how sports in high school, especially football, are extremely important. They help reach students who wouldn’t otherwise be reached, the logic goes, and so that’s a good reason to have them.


Schools are, and should be, about education first and foremost. No school should have its own teams. Football, especially, is expensive, violent, and damaging to the player’s brains, but even more harmless sports require a lot of money that could be better put towards, say, more math or history teachers.

Now it is true that sports have their value and worth, and can indeed help reach students who might otherwise feel distanced from their classmates.

But you know what? Little League exists. So does Pee-Wee Football. So do other sporting organizations at various levels. Let the students go play in youth leagues.

Other countries find it quite bonkers that we have high school sports, and I can’t disagree with that. Other countries also get by just fine without them, and I really think we should, too.

One Response to “We Don’t Actually Need It”

  1. NimiMikkusu Says:

    Many school team members aren’t actually students. My middle school used to have a school team of eight graders, then sold their soccer campground to an actual semi-professional team that plays there.

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