Toy Review – Fortress Maximus

(review based on product sent to me for reviewing purposes by Amazon Vine)

I never got the chance to get ole Fort Max back in the day when he was first released. I was young and poor and that just wasn’t going to happen. Now I’m older, less poor, and was quite keen to buy this…then Vine came along and offered it to me, so that’s a fun thing.


I’m very pleased with this toy. It is indeed quite large, being over two feet tall, and has an extremely simplistic transformation. The alt-modes are laughable, and really aren’t that impressive. Plus there are a lot of odd compartments and things that aren’t shown on the instructions. I suspect they’re a legacy of the original Metroplex mold upon which this one was based. That said, the “totally not a Headmaster” Headmaster head is rather cool, as is the tiny head that goes with it.

The articulation is decent, as is the poseability, but the bulk of the toy does make some more interesting poses difficult (though I did manage to get a fun pic of him tormenting my Waspinator figure). There are also waaaaaay too many stickers, and frankly, the robot mode could use some accessories. A gun or something would have gone a long way here.

Still, it’s a good product, a nice toy, and one that will sit proudly in my collection.


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