A Great Rumor Confirmed!

It’s been confirmed that the BBC is releasing an animated version of “Power of the Daleks”! All six parts are to be animated, and aired over the course of six nights.

This pleases me to no end. I recently watched the story, and while I didn’t hate it, I couldn’t help but think it would be so much better in something other than still-photo reconstruction form.

Now this is being done because a: it’s the first story with the Second Doctor, b: it has the Daleks in it, and c: It’s the 50th anniversary of this story. That’s a pretty rare combination that happens in exactly zero other stories.

Still, this gives me hope. If they’re willing to animate the six missing episodes of this serial, maybe they’ll finally go back and do more animated versions of missing episodes. Some serials, like “The Crusade”, are only missing two. Surely that would be one third the cost.

On a side note, I was getting ready to rip BBC America a new one. I was scanning the program guide, and saw  that on several days, anywhere from 18 – 20 hours of programming is Star Trek: The Next Generation, with occasional movies like First Blood and Anaconda thrown in for good measure. From time-to-time they even seem to find room for actual BBC programming, but it’s clearly an afterthought. My hope is that this is a sign that they’re learning, and will refocus on what they should.


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