A Victory for Workers

The other day I wrote about how American workers are getting screwed and screwed good by businesses around the country. One of the things I mentioned was a lack of mandatory sick days. Well, it turns out that the situation there isn’t as bleak as I had believed.

Since San Francisco first passed a law guaranteeing workers one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, in 2007, the policy had been adopted in five states, 26 cities, one county, and Washington, D.C., according to A Better Balance, a New York-based labor advocacy group.

This is very good. That same article highlights New York City, which passed a law requiring sick pay for most workers. The result? No major increase in people calling in sick or doing what many employers assume, which is pretending to be sick so they can have time off.

There are still some problems. Tipped employees apparently still go to work, and work sick, handling your food and the like, because if they call out, they only get their hourly wage. That’s something to work on.

Still, this is progress, and if we’re all lucky, and work at it, we can get this to go nationwide during Hillary’s (hopefully) upcoming term.


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