Toy Review – “Notimus Prime”

This is astoundingly good.


What you get here is basically a knock-off Masterpiece version of Optimus Prime (Notimus Prime, perhaps?), but one that’s sized-up quite a bit. This sucker is huge. It towers over all my other other Transformers, including the combiners, and is only shorter in my collection than Armada Unicron, and not much shorter.

The quality is excellent. Large amounts of die-cast metal, and very well-made plastic. This is something that will, probably, last a long time! It is, however, worth noting that a little c-clamp (I’m not sure what they’re really called), acts as a hinge for the engine assembly/Matrix bay, has broken, and broke within two days of my having it. The part remains held in place by friction, but it broke very easily.

Now onto the transformation! It’s easy on its face, but there are a surprisingly large number of details that I didn’t get until my second, third, and even fourth time transforming this toy. It’s like every time I worked on it, I discovered something new, like the gun storage, or the fold-out mirrors, or the like.

I cannot recommend this toy highly enough. Aside from the one minor breaking incident, this is an incredible item, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the Masterpiece line. Throw on some Autobot symbols, and you’re set to go!

(wanna buy it? Get it where I got it: The Chosen Prime!)


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