An Odd Change

The other day, my life changed for the better, and did so in a very significant way. You see, I got a new phone.


So pretty…

That’s right, a new phone. My best friend added a line to his Verizon account, I’ll pay half the bill, and I get a shiny new phone; a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, to be exact.

It’s strange to think that this one acquisition has changed my life for the better, but it has. The precise moment when it happened was when said friend said to me, “You can afford a good phone now.” And I realized that, yes, I can.

I’m actually making a decent living now. I’m lower-middle class, but I’m still in the “middle” part. I no longer struggle to pay my bills. Like any sensible American, I now have credit card debt, and student loans, but I’m repaying those without any real issues.

See, I’ve spent most of my life poor, to greater or lesser degrees. Even when I worked at my previous technical support job, the money wasn’t as good as what I’m getting now. With this phone, I realized that things have changed.

I can now get a top-of-the line Samsung phone, rather than some low-end Motorola, as I had been eyeballing.

I have a TV made by Vizio, instead of one made by Dynex, the store brand for Best Buy.

I can afford to buy actual Coke instead of store-brand colas.

I could, in theory, buy a Samsung tablet and cast aside my Kindle Fire, but the phone is good enough that I don’t need to.

I can go on actual vacations to actual places once a year.

I can afford some of the nicer things in life. It’s a pretty great realization to have. And it all started with a simple new phone.

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