Hillary Hate and How to Cure It – Introduction

Do you know who one of the most admired women in politics was back in 2009? Here’s a hint: she’s currently running for president.


66% approval rating in 2009

Hillary was quite widely admired by many back in 2009 when she was selected as Secretary of State. And during her time at the State Department, she maintained a very high favorable rating. Upon leaving the office, she was almost as well-liked as she had been when she went in, and that was after Benghazi. To the left, she was a strong person, standing up against a Republican backed witch hunt, and someone we all generally liked.

Of course that was before she made the mistake of running for president.

Now her favorable ratings are in the toilet, and she ranks only slightly higher than Republican Party Presidential Nominee Donald Trump (no matter how many times I type that, it still doesn’t make sense). She’s currently polling in a statistical dead-heat, and her chances of winning the general election are at a mere 59.2% according to Fivethirtyeight’s “polls plus” predictions.

Now much of this is caused by hate of Hillary on the right. They’ve hated her ever since she crawled up out of Arkansas, and they’ll never give her any slack. Millions wasted on pointless investigations of everything from Whitewater, to Benghazi, to the email scandal, and they still aren’t done with her. I’ll wager that if she does win, and the House and Senate remain under GPO control, they’ll continue investigating every possible scandal and try to delegitimize her presidency in a way that’ll make their treatment of Obama look like a love-in.

I’ll never reach those people; no one will. They’re suffering from Clinton Derangement Syndrome, and nothing is going to make them view her in a rational fashion. So this article isn’t for them.

This will be, instead, a series of articles for those in the center and on the left. Those who are waffling in their support of Hillary, or who are outright against her. Those who are considering anti-science candidate Jill Stein, or anti-sanity candidate Gary Johnson. Those who can’t bring themselves to support her, but so often can’t articulate why.

This mini-series of articles is for you.

It will begin tomorrow, when I will address some of the specific claims those on the left have with regard to Hillary; basically the belief that she’s a DINO, or a Democrat in name only.

On Monday, I’ll address the specific ways in which she is better than Donald Trump, and why it’s important as Hell that all rational people support her over him.

After that, I’ll examine some of the various lies about the Clintons; many of which you might well believe yourself.

I’ll continue on with the cold equations of why a third-party vote is a waste, and basically amounts to a vote for Trump.

I’ll wind everything up with a summary of what we’ve learned and why it’s important as fuck that we elect Hillary.

I hope those of you who are anything other than Trump supporters will join me on this little journey. And at the end, I hope you’ll find yourselves happy to vote for Hillary, happy to support her, and will come to realize just how fantastic she really is.

And if you have any questions, or comments, or anything you’d like me to talk about, please let me know! I’m always happy to have feedback.


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