Hillary Hate and How to Cure It – The Clintons: Evil Masterminds of Evil!

Say HELLo to two of the most evil people in the world! Bill and Killary Hillary Clinton!


[cue ominous music]

According to the Clinton hate machine, est 1992, the Clintons are deeply evil. They’ve got a long death list, which includes the murder of a former friend. They’ve committed any amount of fraud and possible treason. They targeted innocent Americans for death at Waco. They are sleazy, they are corrupt, and they need to be kept far, far away from the levers of power.

Even worse than Bill is Hillary. She stole the primaries from Bernie, is in the pocket of the big banks, is a massive war-monger, and can’t even keep her man in line! Not to mention all the secret health issues, the Benghazi thing, and what’s up with those emails, anyhow? She’s not trustworthy, she’s not relateable, she’s a big phony, and really, she’s pretty much just a bitch.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement with any of those things, congrats. You’re buying into the right wing narrative against the Clintons in general and Hillary in particular. You’re buying into the lies, the smears, and the distortions. Karl Rove smiles upon you.

You know, of course, how much the right hates Hillary. She’s the only candidate I know of where the opposition, during their convention, had people chanting for her murder, and did so without the person on the podium telling them to stop, but rather nodding along instead.

Much the right wing hate for Hillary, and her husband, is built on a series of lies. This is the so-called “vast right-wing conspiracy”,  which despite mockery at the time, was totally a thing. People on the left initially dismissed all the more wild and insane claims, like the death list, but they’ve clung to so many others, and people in the center have clung to so many more.

There are a whole slew of anti-Hillary articles and memes out there, many propagated by the right. Many of these are also shared by the left. I’ve seen, for example, allegations that Hillary helped free a child rapist and then laughed about it. That isn’t true.

Also untrue are the allegations that she’s fundamentally dishonest and basically lies all the time. That Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominee for president, is one of the people saying that is a form of high comedy.

But Hillary generally rates fairly high on her levels of honesty. Almost as high as Bernie Sanders. Yet the belief persists among many on the left that she’s somehow this crooked, manipulative mastermind.

One way this manifests is the belief that her, and DNC, conspired to steal the primary away from it’s “rightful” winner, Bernie Sanders. There is no evidence to support this, of course. Yes, many in the DNC were against Sanders winning, but bear in mind that he wasn’t a Democrat until he announced he was going to run. That long-time members of a club would be unhappy when someone who has bitched about them for ages stands up and says he’s going to run the thing is something of a given. They owed him no loyalty, because he owed them none, and in politics, loyalty is all.

But while they talked about different ways to take him down, as shown by Wikileaks, there is no evidence that they actually did. Hillary won by about 3.7 million votes, and with the exception of a couple of states, won the way the polling predicted. Those states where the polling was wrong, like Michigan, it was wrong in Sanders’ favor.

Look, deep in your heart, you know much of the stuff you hear about Hillary is made up. You know that most of it is Republican spew. If she and Bill were a tenth, even a hundredth, as corrupt as people paint them as, they would have gone to prison long ago. But despite millions of dollars being spent on investigation, investigation by the Republicans, mind you, she’s never been charged with a crime, and the worst they got him on was lying about sex in a deposition in a civil law suit.

So I think with many of you, you just don’t like Hillary. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but ok. You should still vote for her. If you think there’s even a slightly better chance that a former Senator, a former Secretary of State, and a former First Lady, would be a better, more qualified president than Donald Trump, then you should vote for her.

And yes, those are your only two real choices, and I’ll explain more about why in the next article. In the meantime, if you’d like to educate yourself about the lies against Hillary, check out Snopes. They have much for you to enjoy.


One Response to “Hillary Hate and How to Cure It – The Clintons: Evil Masterminds of Evil!”

  1. NimiMikkusu Says:

    I’ll vote for poop. This in the behalf of my sister Paola, who turns 10 this Christmas.

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