Master Debators – Clinton v Trump – Round One – FIGHT!

6:02pm MST – Welcome to my live-blog of the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, former reality star, failed businessman, and the Republican Party’s choice for President of the United State.

Here’s an idea of where expectations are. Sadly.


Depressing, but true.

Here we go! Press F5 often to refresh.

6:07 – Hillary is first of the gate with a question about the economy. Her answer is solid. Not a home run, but a good, solid answer.

6:08 – Now Trump, and I realize this is the first time I’ve actually sat down to watch him talk for an extended period of time. Joy. Anyhow, he’s making a point about jobs that, to me, has me mostly rolling my eyes. I have a feeling it’ll play well with many, though.

6:09 – And there’s the first mention of the Holy St. Reagan.

6:11 – “Trump-Up Trickle Down” isn’t horrible, but it is a bit weak. A better set of statements follow, saying that Trump started with $14 million from his dad, and honestly believes that doing more for the rich will help the economy. Not a bad angle of attack.

6:12 – Trump just described $14 million as “a small loan”. Meep, meep, mothafucka.

6:13 – Some odd thing about how he addresses her. Strange. And now he’s blaming her for things that happened during her husband’s administration.

6:15 – Trump is already coming off as flustered. He just tried to interrupt Clinton who ignored him and plowed on. Well done.

6:17 – He tries to interrupt again and she acts like she barely notices.

6:18 – Ah, the lie about how Obama has tripled the debt. He then goes on to mention a couple of swing states where I think this message might play well.

6:21 – She’s coming off as very calm and collected. He’s ranting. She calls him out for living in his own reality. This actually gets a laugh from the audience.

6:22 – He’s really losing it. Good.

6:24 – Bigly?

6:25 – “No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life!” So…he thinks she’s about 26?

6:26 – Ah, the old myth that billionaires are just aching to invest in America, but the evil poor people and politicians won’t let them!

6:29 – Lester Holt is trying his best, but they really need to basically turn off Trump’s mic when it isn’t his turn to speak. Still, Hillary is dealing with it by ignoring it, which is great.

6:31 – Come on, Holt, challenge him about the audit thing.

6:32 – Every single country in the world is apparently ripping us off. I’m sure eyebrows just went up in many capitals.

6:33 – Holt does indeed challenge him on the audit…and Trump kind of dances around the issue. Now he claims he’ll release the taxes as soon as Hillary releases the 30,000 emails that he wants to see.

6:36 – One very valid point to make is that him not disclosing his tax returns allows for lots of room for conspiracy.

6:38 – Now he’s talking about airports in dictatorships being better than those in New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. So…those airports were probably just built in the last few years, versus ones built a long time ago. I don’t quite get the point.

6:40- Now she’s hammering him on his business, and mentioning all the blue collar workers that he’s cheated out of the money he owed them. She’s also hitting him on the six bankruptcies.

6:42 – The Pennsylvania Avenue line was actually pretty good.

6:44 – Hillary is giving a thoughtful, well-reasoned response on race relations, and Trump is visibly having to stop himself from interjecting. And it’s brave of her to wander, however briefly, into the realm of guns.

6:48 – “…a very against-police judge.” Excellent. He is right that something needs to be done about the situation in Chicago, but I’m not sure what. I do know that stop ‘n’ frisk isn’t the answer.

6:51 – She’s calling him out on his soft racism, which is good. Then launches into a rebuttal of his way of bringing about law and order. And I love that she’s addressing the racial problems that were caused, in part, by the crime bill her husband signed-off on.

6:53 – For those who’d like a running fact checker, take a look at this.

6:55 – For the record, I don’t think that someone on the no-fly list should be barred from owning a gun. Last time I heard, being on a list wasn’t enough to deny someone their rights.

6:58 – Argh, stopped-clock. He’s not entirely wrong about the way blacks have been treated by both parties.

7:00 – Trump got Obama to prove him wrong! Well done! Also spreading the lies about Clinton’s campaign originating the birther myth.

7:04 – Aw, Trump is chiding Clinton for treating Obama with a lack of respect. Pot, meet kettle. Now he’s bragging that settling a lawsuit with zero admission of guilt is actually an achievement.

7:08 – Calling out Trump on his love of Putin is a good idea.

7:09 – Now he’s appealing to the anti-intellectual strain that runs rampant within our society. He’s also defending Russia and taking a moment to mock a fictional fat person.

7:14 – According to Trump, we should have stolen Iraq’s oil and remained there despite the desires of their leadership.

7:18 – Ah, now he’s smacking on NATO, and Putin giggles. Also, he apparently doesn’t understand that a strong NATO is good for America and does provide us with protection.

7:21 – Someone, please! Call Sean Hannity!

7:22 – Clinton: “Well. Okay!” Nicely done. I also appreciate her reminding Donald, and everyone else, that the US is the only country to ever invoke Article 5 of the NATO treaty, and pointing out that they’re still helping us.

7:24 – Wow, he’s actually stupid enough to respond like a child when being accused of behaving like a child. Impressive.

7:25 – “That line’s getting a little old.” “It’s a good one, though, which well-describes the problem.” Ha! He also doesn’t seem to realize that there’s a very good reason we provide the defenses for Germany and Japan.

7:27 – Ha! Trump just got trapped. He was asked a question about the current first strike policy, and can’t answer. Why? Because he doesn’t know what that policy is.

7:29 – Now Clinton is taking a moment to reassure the world that, no, she gets it, and our word is good.

7:31 – It’s a shame that when she referred to “bullies at home”, she didn’t cast a glance in Trump’s direction. I would have. But then, I’m not running for president.

7:34 – They really need to put an end to audiences in these debates. There’s no point in them.

7:35 – I’m very pleased that Hillary’s calling him out directly on his sexist statements. It’s cute watching him trying to interject.

7:36 – Wow. He actually made obnoxious remarks about Rosie O’Donnell in a presidential debate. He’s also obviously unhappy that she’s been using his own words against him in various ads.

So that’s that. I think we can safely say that Hillary won this one.


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