An Anti-Christ

Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s nominee for the position of President of the United States of America. Many of us have already recoiled in horror, and made it clear that it’ll be a cold day before we vote for him.


But there are those who remain on the fence, and many of them are Christian. It is to those Christian fence sitters that I write today.

Imagine you had spent the last two years on a desert island. You’ve been rescued, and knowing that it’s 2016, you ask about the presidential race. You’re told that one candidate has been married once, stayed married despite being cheated on by their spouse, has a child, and a grand-child, and regularly attends church.

The other candidate cheated on their first wife with their second, and their second with their third. They have five children by three women, and only just started going to church at all regularly after deciding to run for president.

Purely on that basis, whom would you take to be the Republican and who would be the Democrat?

The Republican party has lost any kind of moral standing by putting someone like Trump as their nominee. He’s a vicious man, who engages in regular ad hominem attacks, mocks women for their weight, mocks a handicapped person for his disability, lies on a regular basis, favors American soldiers engaging in war crimes, doesn’t have a problem with nuclear war, started a charity that appears to basically spend money only on him and settling his legal problems, dodges taxes, shows an extreme level of arrogance, is a racist, and a misogynist, and is quite happy to appeal to the anti-Semitic crowd.

If the prefix “anti-” can be taken to mean “the opposite of”, then Trump truly is an anti-Christ figure. He exists in opposition to almost all the teachings of Jesus, and is the stereotype of the rich man racing against a camel to see which can get through the eye of the needle.

If you’re a fairly moderate, mainstream Christian, it’s hard to see why you would choose him over Hillary. Yes, Trump claims to be against abortion, but in the past he’s been pro-choice. Hillary is pro-choice, yes, but…well, really, what other problems do you have with her that you wouldn’t have with him? She’ll let gay marriage continue to be the law of the land, let gays keep serving in the military, and will let trans people use whatever bathroom they want, but Trump has sent out signals that he’ll do the same.

Trump has spent his life making money, often in sleazy ventures. Hillary has spent her life in service to her community and country. Maybe she’s done that in ways you might not like, such as the healthcare reform efforts in the early 1990s, but she’s made the effort, and that’s important. She’s shown that she has an ability to put others up above herself, and an understanding and empathy of what it’s like to be lower down in our society. Trump has shown none of that.

Ask yourself which of these two people most closely resembles the religiously-based morals that you hew toward. Is it the alleged billionaire who regularly screws over contractors, makes creepy comments about one of his daughters, has filed for bankruptcy several times, is entirely self-focused and generally displays the sort of morality that would have Pilate raising an eyebrow, or is it the woman who has spent her entire adult life working in service to her nation, who has flaws, but has much greater strengths, who has worked toward peace and diplomacy, rather than calling for us to nuke our enemies, who is still married to the same man she married lo these many decades ago, and has shown humility before God and man?

Ask yourself this as well. If Trump were running as a Democrat and Hillary were running as a Republican, who, honestly, would you vote for?

I strongly believe that no moderate, mainstream Christian can justify voting for Trump. He’s really just an awful man, and we all deserve better.


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