Vote Local

Let’s not forget that while the presidency is important, and it’s vital that we keep Trump far, far away from it, also important are the various local races. These include state legislatures, governorships, every seat in the House of Representatives and one third of the Senate.

If you don’t think local elections are important, then let me introduce you to Arizona.


Lovely, this state. I really enjoy living here. Of course, because I live in Arizona, I’m very happy that I’m not Hispanic, happy that I don’t have kids that go to school here, and won’t ever change a diaper.

Those laws are bonkers, but there are other insane state laws out there. You know the various “religious freedom” bills that are actually excuses to deny rights to gay people and trans people? Those are all passed by local legislatures and then signed-off on by various governors. They don’t come out of nowhere. They aren’t done by the president. They’re done by your local government.

Voting for the national legislature is important, too. Tired of the Supreme Court nomination being blocked? Vote for the Democrats, and help put them back in charge in the Senate. Figure that 57+ votes to repeal the ACA are 56 too many? Vote for the Democrats, and maybe, just maybe, we can retake the House, too.

If you’re a liberal, and can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary, so you stay home and don’t vote, you’re a fucking idiot, and not really a liberal at all; you’re really just a whiny, self-centered brat who doesn’t care about the country. But if, on the other hand, you’re a liberal who can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary, and you at least go and vote for Democrats for everything except president, and then write-in Bernie, well, you’re still being a self-centered twat, but not nearly as badly, and I can have at least some respect for you.t


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