Toy Review – Masterpiece Prowl

Let’s talk about Prowl.


As a character, I was never that into him when he was on the TV series. He’s quite interesting in the IDW comics line, however, so getting him as a toy, especially in his G1 form, was something that excited me quite a bit!

And sure enough, this is a wonderful toy. Very faithful to how he looked on TV, in both vehicle and robot mode. Slap on some stickers from a third-party website that specializes in such things and you have a really lovely toy.

Prowl only comes with his gun, which is a bit vexing, as someone like Masterpiece Ironhide comes with a great many accessories. But that’s a minor complaint.


There are supposed to be mirrors on this toy. They weren’t included in the box, but look at the picture. Mirrors. I had the same problem with Masterpiece Bluestreak.

This does not please me, and I’m docking a star because of it.

But otherwise, this is a great toy, and if you can afford it, it’s well-worth the purchase.


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