The Continuing Shit-Show

Two big Trump stories today. First, he lost over a billion dollars in a single year in the 1990s, which might have enabled him to avoid paying taxes for the last eighteen years. So that’s fun.

Second, he’s made some statements that imply he believes that military vets who kill themselves lack a certain strength of character.

Add to this last week’s nonsense over a beauty pageant winner, whom Trump took time to slam at about three in the morning, and I have to ask…why are there any undecided voters out there?

This man is a lunatic who lies constantly, lies about stupid, easily provable shit, refuses to release his tax returns, and is clearly a fairly awful person. He’s racist, he’s sexist, he’s ignorant and proud of it, and has no business being president.

So…if you’re undecided, why? What’s wrong with you? Do you honestly believe that Trump will be a better president than Hillary? If so, what’s your basis for this belief?

I’m really just baffled by this.


One Response to “The Continuing Shit-Show”

  1. NimiMikkusu Says:

    I bet you that most of the undecided voters, actually think that if they vote Hillary, then Trump could go seize and kill them.

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