Nothing Like Political Ads…

…for misleading content.

Marijuana legalization is on the ballot here in Arizona. Not surprisingly, this is generating some pushback. Here’s an ad.

So let’s take some moments here to think about this and similar ads. Always be thinking when it comes to political ads.

For example, in this one it says that money was promised to schools in Colorado, but that “Denver schools got nothing.”

So…did other schools get money? Maybe the schools in Denver didn’t get any, but what about schools in Boulder, or other cities? Maybe they really needed the money, but Denver schools were doing ok.

I saw another one saying that Colorado had the highest rate of teen marijuana use in America. Ok, so if that’s true, what was the level of use among teens before it was legalized? Is the level down, but still very high?

There’s another set of ads airing here in Arizona focusing on the re-election campaign of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I can’t find the ad in question on YouTube, it tells us in breathless detail about how his competitor’s wife had accused him, the competitor, of abuse and gotten a restraining order. The competitor’s guns were taken away, we’re told, and how can we trust such a monster?

Of course what they don’t bother to tell you, but rather put at the bottom of the screen in very small, nearly transparent print, is that the case was dismissed. I don’t know what the details of the case were, but I know it was dismissed, and is therefore irrelevant.

Don’t ever allow yourself to be swayed by a political commercial. Go out there and learn the actual facts. That’s a much  better way to live.

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