My Growing Sense of Horror

I didn’t pay much attention to it when it happened, but Donald Trump, who, might I remind you yet again, is the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States of America, threatened to imprison his rival in this election.


fig 1: Trump showing the size of…oh, never mind.

This truly is something without precedent at the national level in American politics, and it’s especially odd when you have someone who has been the victim of multiple investigations by many different parts of our government, and whom the FBI, under the auspices of a Republican, has refused to bring charges against. Today Trump furthered this insanity by saying that maybe her lawyers should also be imprisoned. Presumably he’ll suggest we imprison the head of the FBI. No mention of whether or not he’ll also ask for George W and company to be prosecuted for the 22 million emails they deleted.

This is really some banana republic-level bullshit. It’s also very creepy and quite scary, especially since a huge swathe of the American electorate actually support this. I can almost understand them supporting the idea of putting Hillary in prison, but imprisoning her lawyers as well? Yes, the Republican base has been hostile toward the 6th Amendment for a long time now, but this is getting ridiculous. This is in addition to Trump also saying he’d like to see libel laws loosened-up so as to freeze out investigative journalism.

This is all just so bizarre and surreal. Whatever else you might think of Clinton, if you’re someone who believes in the actual concept of “law and order”, you owe it to yourself to vote for her, and not for Trump. Trump is promising the exact polar opposite of these things. Trump is promising a dictatorship with laws based around whether or not you agree with him. I can’t imagine too many more things more fundamentally un-American than that.


2 Responses to “My Growing Sense of Horror”

  1. cmunro2014 Says:

    Can anyone explain WHY any American considers this man worthy of the Presidency?

  2. Ann Hammon Says:

    I fear.

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