Only About Three Weeks to Go!

So with three weeks until the election, where are we? What do I think is likely to happen? Who will be the next president?


Damn right.

Yeah, I think she’s pretty much gotten this sewn-up. Hillary will, bar something horrible happening, be our next president.

But what of the other races?

Well, I suspect the House will stay in Republican hands. I just don’t think it’s going to move, at least not this time. Come 2018, or 2020, and we’ll see.

The Senate? I think it’s going to go Democrat, but it’ll be close, and I could easily see a 50/50 split. But if that’s the case, we’ll have Tim Kaine there to cast the tie-breaking vote.

So that’s that for the national stuff. But my home state, Arizona, is getting pretty interesting this year. We could see some great changes in how we vote, but it’s all dependent on, as so many things are, marijuana.

You see, there’s a ballot measure that would legalize it here. I’m all in favor, of course, because freedom matters to me. And the fact that it’s on the ballot could overturn decades of conservative voting in this state.

If the marijuana legalization initiative passes, then I expect Hillary will win Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio will finally be kicked out of office, our state House and Senate might go Democratic (though the Republicans have gerrymandered the shit out of our state, so who knows?), and maybe, just maybe, John McCain might finally be defeated, as he should have been after 2008.

Now if marijuana legalization doesn’t pass here, then I suspect none of those things will happen. But with luck, it will, and this state can begin to wake up from its long, local nightmare.


One Response to “Only About Three Weeks to Go!”

  1. NimiMikkusu Says:

    What if Marijuana becomes legal to plant and farm, and to use in medicine as well as in cooking recipes, and to eat\drink as either, but just not as recreative drugs?

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