How Will It Go Down? – Revisited

With only a few more days to go, I thought I’d put up another map with my guess on what’s going to happen on Election Day. I did this before, but it’s time for an update.


So here we go.

Most of these are fairly obvious and largely unchanged from the previous map I did. But I do think it’s now likely that both Georgia and Arizona are going to go blue this time around, if only just barely. I also think there’s a fairly good chance of Alaska going blue; probably a better chance than Georgia doing the same. This will leave every coastal state, except South Carolina, blue.

As for that yellow nonsense in Utah, I think there’s a pretty damn good chance that Ed McMullin, an independent candidate who is popular there, could win. I rather hope he does, since it would be kind of fun to see a third-party candidate get some electoral votes.

Now I’ll admit, I’m being fairly optimistic here. More likely Georgia and Alaska will stay red, and if Arizona flips, it’ll be by the slimmest of margins. And much as the Mormons hate Trump, there’s enough non-Mormons to balance that out, so realistically Utah will probably stay red.

But…I think there’s every chance the map I have up there is what we could get on Election Day. I certainly hope so. If I’m wrong, let’s hope it’s because there’s a lot more blue than I expected.



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