Don’t Panic!

It seems that insurance purchased on is about to go up. The costs are about to increase by about 25% in some areas.

Don’t panic!


First off, this likely doesn’t affect you. You probably get your healthcare from your employer, like most Americans.

Second, as this article points out that percentage increase is a bit misleading.

Third, no one is forcing the health insurance industry to raise costs. They’re choosing to do this because they aren’t fans of Obamacare. I’m sure they love that everyone is required to have insurance now, but they hate that they actually have to pay out on that insurance, can’t kick people off the insurance once they get sick, and can’t refuse to cover pre-existing conditions.

You  might recognize those things as the state of healthcare circa 2008.

So don’t panic. Relax. The ACA isn’t perfect, and does need some tweaking, but just casting it aside would be really, really stupid.


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