Something That Should Alarm Everyone

Quite possibly we’re going to permanently wave bye-bye to the nine person Supreme Court and, just very possibly, to the court itself.


Good thing I visited when I did.

Ted Cruz said that there didn’t really seem to be a need to confirm another justice. John McCain said that possibly the Senate wouldn’t confirm any justices that Hillary nominates.

So just a quick reminder: we have three co-equal branches of government. They haven’t been perfect, but they have done a fantastic job of keeping our country relatively stable, and the Supreme Court, especially, has done an excellent job as a bulwark against excess and a protectorate of minority rights.

Of course, the modern Republican party can’t have any of that nonsense, so they’ve been working for some time to de-legitimize the Court, and have spent several months now refusing to  hold hearings to confirm Merrick Garland.

May I remind you all that this is unprecedented in American history?

Slate published an article today urging Chief Justice John Roberts to step in and make it clear that the Court does indeed need nine members. I doubt he’ll listen.

And I remain baffled at the extreme short-sightedness of the Republican party over this issue. Do they not understand that they’ve now given a future Democratic-controlled Senate carte blanche to refuse to hold hearings for any nominees that a future Republican president might put forth?

Compromise is at the core of American politics and part of what makes us great. I really wish the Republican base would remember this, and I really wish the Republican elite would remind them of it.


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