The End is Nigh

There are only a few more days left in the 2016 United States Presidential campaign. On the one side, we have Hillary Clinton. She’s a former senator, a former Secretary of State, has been moving in the halls of power for decades, and is widely respected on the international scene.

On the other side, we have realty TV star Donald Trump.


Yep, that guy.

His campaign is a mess, and thankfully it’s pretty damn likely that he’s going to lose. Which please me to no end.

But he came close. He could still win it; in fact he’s the second most likely person to become president of the United States.

Thankfully, his campaign has been a shit-storm of epic proportions. has a fascinating analysis of just where it’s gone wrong on so many levels. I really recommend reading it. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the mind of Trump, such as it is, and a great example of what not to do if you want to be president.


One Response to “The End is Nigh”

  1. Kyko Micsu Says:

    I feel as Trump would order to kill Hillary once she’s president.

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