An Odd Loyalty

A few days ago, late Friday night, to be exact, the company I worked for suffered a security breech. In response, all access to all our servers was shut down while the problem was fixed, and an outside security company was brought in to put new defenses in place to stop future threats.

Not surprisingly, this resulted in an all-hands-on-deck situation for those of us in the support department. We were all asked to work as much overtime as we could. I came in and did four hours on Saturday, four on Sunday, 12.5 hours yesterday, 10.5 today, and plan to do another 10+ tomorrow.

Oddly, I feel like a slacker because I have coworkers who, for example, put in a 22 hour single work day, and another who did an 18 hour day. These are nothing compared with the guy who came in on Friday morning, stayed until Sunday night, crashed for about four hours at the hotel next to our office, and then came back to work. I don’t think he’s been home yet.

And…I am pleased to do the work. I am pleased to give up my weekends, give up my sleep, come in and work. The pay is part of it, of course, but so is the fact that the company I work for has earned my loyalty. I genuinely care about the company as a whole and want to see it do well.

It’s not a situation I’m used to giving more than lip-service to, but in this case…I really mean it.


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