Our New President

Well, then. I don’t think that too many of us expected that. And maybe it’s too our shame that we didn’t, because if we had, we might’ve prevented it.


Number 45

First thing’s first. Congratulations to Donald Trump for winning. He’s certainly, absolutely, not the person that I wanted to have as our president, or even as much of anything, but he did win. That’s not easy to do. So good job him for doing so.

Second, much as I dislike the man and despise the way that he got to power, in power he is (or soon will be). He’s going to be the president for all of us, not just the ones who voted for him. He will be president for every American, so none of this, “he’s not my president!” nonsense, please. Because he will be your president, even if you don’t like that fact.

I’ll have more tomorrow on how we should best proceed from here. For now I’d like to just state that as Trump is indeed going to be my president, I will support him on the issues where he’s correct (and he’s so all-over-the-place that there’s at least one issue almost everyone will find to agree with him on), and I’ll fight back against the issues I disagree with him on. And I’ll prepare as hard as I can for 2018 and 2020.

In the meantime, I recommend everyone take a moment to read this article on Cracked, which provides some healthy perspective. Seriously, ready it. It’s very good. Read this one, too, to understand how this happened.

And let’s also all remember the monumental effort that  Hillary put forth. It’s an effort that did indeed get her the majority of votes in this country. It’s just such a shame that fact doesn’t really matter.


One Response to “Our New President”

  1. Kyko Micsu Says:

    Yeah. Trump became president by forcing people to convince themselves that he was better than Hillary.

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