A lot of us were surprised, even shocked, when Donald Trump somehow became our president-elect. The shock was made all the worse because we didn’t see it coming. We looked at the poll numbers, and at the overall campaign, and we felt good. We felt that Hillary had this in the bag.


What might have been.

We were wrong. We were wrong on many levels and for many reasons.

In this series we’re going to discuss what went wrong, go into some theories about how it might have gone differently, and look toward the future and what we might accomplish going forward. The series should break down thus:

Winning Bigly” will be a discussion of exactly why Trump enjoyed the success he did. I’ll look specifically at the various issues he addressed, and why those resonated more than the ones Hillary addressed.

A Game of Blame” will be about appropriating blame. There’s plenty to go around. The Republicans, the Democrats, Trump,  Hillary, the American system, and the American people, among others, are all at fault. We’ll try to sort this out.

President Sanders” will look into alternate realities. What if Bernie had been the nominee? Would he have won? Spoiler: No.

Toward a Better Tomorrow“, the final part, will be a look forward. What do we do? Where do we go from here? How do we get this nation back on course?

I hope you all find this interesting!


One Response to “Trumpocalypse”

  1. seenu625 Says:

    Interesting reading.

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