On Mortality

My paternal grandmother died yesterday. I am now out of biological grandparents (though I do still have a step-grandmother that I care about quite a bit!). Add to that the fact that about three weeks ago, a great-aunt died. This of course has me considering mortality. Death has that affect.


Also Death can make you consider kittens.

I’m an atheist, so I don’t believe there to be any afterlife. It’d be nice, mind you, but I don’t see any evidence and feel no reason to believe. So my grandparents are dead and I shall never see them again and that’s that.

I feel rather fortunate that I was able to get to know them all as well as I did. At the time I was born, I had two full sets of great-grandparents, one widowed great-grandmother (who I never met), and one great-grandmother with a new husband (both whom I met, but don’t really remember).

One of the sets of great-grandparents died when I was around 10 or so. They had both been born in the 1890s.I still remember them both, but not well. The other set lived into the 1990s, and I remember both quite well.

The parents of both my parents were still alive when I was born, and though my dad’s parents had divorced, each had remarried, giving me, essentially, a bonus grandmother (the one who is still alive), and grandfather. I lost my maternal grandmother in 1984, but my grandfather remarried only a year or so later. He died in 2005. My dad’s dad died in 2015, and now his mother is gone, too.

The fact that the last of my biological grandparents is now dead gives me pause. There is, essentially, nothing “above” my mom and dad anymore. They’re the oldest immediate family I have, and while both are in good health, and not that old (64 and 65, respectively), I can’t help but feel that their deaths are closer than they were just yesterday.

This is, of course, true, but you know what I mean.

I’m not sure where I’m going with all this. Just general rambling, I suppose. Thanks for bearing with me.

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One Response to “On Mortality”

  1. Kyko Micsu Says:

    My grandparents are also dead and my parents are only about 10 year younger than yours.

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