Great Big Finish News!

Two rather nifty announcements from my favourite British company! First off, UNIT Assembled. It’s going to feature Kate Stewart and Osgood, as is expected, but will also have Jo Grant, Mike Yates, and Sgt. Benton. Plus Sea Devils! Excellent.


I’m not that into the new UNIT crowed, but I certainly like the concept of this story. I hope it’s good!

The other bit of news features volume two of the “Classic Doctors, New Monsters” concept. The first story they announced was the Fifth Doctor against the Racnoss; an alien species that interests me so little I keep forgetting they’re the ones in it.

But today’s announcement is that we’re also getting the Fourth Doctor up against the Vashta Nerada, previously seen in the first River Song episodes, “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead”. I wasn’t crazy about them, either, as they seem wildly over-powered. But we’ll see what Big Finish does.

Either way, pretty neat stuff!

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