Stop Trying to Fix This

I read an article on Slate today about how it’s perfectly acceptable to go out to dinner at a restaurant for Thanksgiving. I suppose I can agree with that, but that isn’t really what this article is about. This article is about the good-two-shoes out there who are trying to put an end to stores being open on Thanksgiving.


Yes, this feels historically accurate.

Working on Thanksgiving isn’t my preferred state of affairs. When I worked at my previous tech support job, as well as at this one, my preferred state of affairs was to have Thanksgiving off. I enjoy the holiday; it’s one of only four I celebrate along with New Year’s Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. So having it off matters to me.

But when I’ve had to work it, like when I worked for Circle-K for a few years, I got paid extra for doing so. Sometimes time-and-a-half, sometimes double pay. Hell, with my last tech support job, working the day of a holiday amounted to earning double-time-and-a-half, and you’d best believe I was all over that.

I know that not all the employees who are working on Thanksgiving, especially those at retailers who are doing early Black Friday sales, aren’t paid extra. But quite a few are. Quite a number of them are happy to work Thanksgiving because of that extra pay, or because they simply don’t celebrate the holiday, or because they celebrated it earlier in the day and now are happy to go in to work.

If you personally don’t want to go shopping at Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving evening, that’s fine. No one’s going to force you to. But for a number of people, working that day provides them with a little extra money they can use later when trying to buy Christmas presents, or whatever else they might need it for.

So stop trying to solve this problem. If stores want to stay open on Thanksgiving, or even on Christmas, more power to ’em. I’m completely fine with this as long as they pay their employees a little extra, and indeed, I’m known to volunteer to work on Christmas because I don’t celebrate the holiday, and double pay is quite nice.

Basically, go find another problem to solve. Leave this one alone.

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