Discovering a Crew

CBS has announced three of the cast members for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery.

From what I know of these actors, which isn’t a huge amount, it seems like a good cast. The casting of Yeoh is a slight eye-roll, since it’s clearly designed to appeal to the burgeoning Chinese market. But there are worse things. Jones is a fine enough actor, and just a glimpse at Reed’s career makes it fairly clear that we’re going to have a gay mushroom fan on the show.

Beyond that I have no real thoughts on this. CBS is making terrible programming choices with this series, and if it gets past season 2 on their streaming-only service, I’ll be shocked. I don’t know anyone who plans to actually get a subscription to watch it as it “airs”. Everyone I know either plans to download it, or wait until it’s all out, get the service for a month, and then drop it. So…yeah. We’ll see, but I remain heavily skeptical.


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